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When sourcing for organic raw materials we ensure 100% Genuine and quality brands are the only once we sell.

Come learn with us @Neneeys Optimal Skincare, how to formulate unique products and manage the cosmetics business with certificate.

Thousands of orchids can’t compare to your beauty. You are unique, you are beautiful…..

 Organic skin care products begin with organic ingredients grown and produced using sustainable practices. Since there are no harsh chemicals in these products, there is significantly less waste and toxins going down the drain and and back into the earth. When you choose organic beauty products you are not only doing wonders for your skin and internal health, but also making a positive impact on our environment.

Gentle on Your Skin

My sixth reason for advocating organic cosmetics is that they’re gentler on the skin. Of course, this statement is really just a summary of the other five reasons you should choose organic cosmetics. Why on earth would you want to use harsh chemicals on your skin that are not only dangerous to both your health and the earth but also rough on your skin?

Protection from Premature Aging

Makeup made with natural minerals generally provides a certain level of sun protection. The skin on the face is thinner and more susceptible to UV-related skin aging, so choosing a mineral-rich, organic cosmetic product may help support healthy, youthful-looking skin. Many organic products also provide antioxidants like vitamin C, which has been demonstrated to provide sun-shielding benefits. Choosing the right makeup is especially important during the summer months when the sun is at its strongest.

Natural Fragrance

Many people shop with their nose when it comes to personal care products, similarly to the way most people “eat with their eyes” before actually placing any of the food into their mouths. The two human senses will usually help determine a product’s worthiness in the minds of consumers. Scents in the majority of beauty products consist of a mixture of chemicals, and these chemicals can be inhaled throughout the day by people who wear such beauty products.

No Harsh Chemicals

Although they may be effective for improving appearance, albeit temporarily, the chemicals in conventional makeup are often very harsh on skin and may promote irritation or allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Reddish, irritated skin is certainly not going to help you look your best! More importantly, many of the chemicals used in non-organic makeup are downright poisonous to the endocrine system. Parabens and phthalates are two common examples of substances that are used extensively in cosmetics. Both of these compounds have been linked to cancer and type II diabetes and the Environmental Protection Agency warns against their exposure


Conventional beauty products utilize petroleum-based ingredients and usually rely on a host of other chemicals for their production process. These compounds are typically harsh substances, like petroleum, aluminum, and lead, all of which require extensive mining. Much of this is done in some of the world’s most beautiful and sensitive areas, like the Amazon rainforest, and miles of land are destroyed and stripped of vital wildlife every year.

Most people believe that a massage is merely a way to pamper themselves, however, at NENEEYS OPTIMAL SKINCARE located in 32 ROAD KENJUL PLAZA FESTAC TOWN LAGOS NIGERIA , we know that a massage is much more than a momentary feel-good treatment. In fact, spa treatments are important in helping you maintain physical, mental and emotional well-being, especially when you make it part of your regular wellness routine.

Our masseuses at NENEEYS OPTIMAL SKINCARE believe that with regular spa treatments you can achieve Optimal health and wellness. With monthly to bi-monthly spa treatments, the work your therapist at NENEEYS OPTIMAL SKINCARE will build on itself, help your body maintain its relaxed state and your muscles to remain pliable even during times of physical and mental stress.

* Regular massages help to calm the nervous system and promotes a sense of mind and body relaxation and well-being.

* By continuously receiving spa treatments you will be able to naturally reduce tension resulting in lowered anxiety and decreased depression side effects.

* Spa treatments stimulate blood circulation to optimize the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your cells by increasing blood flow to your extremities.

* Therapeutic massages such as our lymphatic drainage works to stimulate your lymphatic system, which carries away the body’s waste products. For those undergoing Sculpture treatments, this will decrease the time it takes for your body to be rid of damaged fat cells. Who doesn’t love an added boost to their weight loss?

* Monthly massages prevent and relieve muscles cramps and spasms that occur when the muscle has become to tightened from stress and physical activity.

* Hot stone massages at our day spa can help with pain management in conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, and muscle spasms. Regular heat treatment is especially effective for those that suffer from unrelenting chronic pain.

Be sure to remind yourself of these health benefits the next time you begin to feel guilty about booking your next massage therapy session.


Get certified in Organic cosmetic formulations,

In this training you will be learning how to formulate your own unique cosmetic products with a vivid directory and optional materials to work with, in your journey of creating your own cosmetic products,

Complete the (12) Modules with flexible timing. At the end of each module, you will answer the question to assess the next module. Each quiz is scored 60points.

At the end of the Course, a final practical exam will be carried out to approve certification.

Course Outline


  • Skin Anatomy and Physiology
  • Cosmetics Safety
  • Organic Material Awareness
  • Preservatives
  • Good Manufacting Practice (GMP)
  • Skincare Hazard


  • Familiarizing with ingredient
  • Calculation in percentage (%)
  • Products designing
  • Essential Oil limite
  • Carrier Oil


  • Formulating Know-how
  • Face Toner


  • Eye gel


  • Forming Cleanser


  • Facial Polish


  • Face Oil


  • Face Mask


  • Face Emulsion 


  • Body Butter


  • Body Oil


  • Body Scrub

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Quality products,

Swift delivery,

Good Customer relationship, 

Timely feed back on request,

Putting your satisfaction first,

Quality & secured packaging,

100% pure materials,

Tested and trusted formulators tools

& so on,

come around to verify your self, patronize us today.

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