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  • 99.9% Alpha Arbutin Powder


    Arbutin is an ingredient that is obtained from bearberry plant (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi). Although it may also be produced synthetically in laboratory, arbutin is naturally extracted from the leaves of bearberry. It is also found in wheat, in the leaves of blueberry and cranberry, as well as in the skin of pear.

    Arbutin is manufactured in a white, crystalline powder form that is water soluble and can be added to other formulations to improve its lightening effect. But in its pure form, it can also be an extremely powerful whitening agent.

    There are two types of arbutin compound – the alpha and beta arbutin. Both types are effective in lightening skin, but alpha arbutin is found to be more potent as it has higher stability and efficiency.

    Similar to other organic active agents, alpha arbutin works by inhibiting the function and activity of tyrosinase, an oxidizing enzyme that is responsible for the production of melanin in the body. Melanin is a substance that gives dark color to the skin.

    But unlike other organic active materials , the effects of alpha arbutin is faster and more effective. In addition, it doesn’t lead to adverse skin health effects as it is naturally extracted.

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  • 99.9% Glutathione Powder


    Glutathione is a crystalline and water soluble tripeptide composed of the amino acids glutamate, cysteine and glycine. It exists in reduced and oxidized forms. Glutathione is an extremely powerful antioxidant whose health benefits are too numerous to count.

    What Are The Benefits of Glutathione?

    Glutathione powder  works by interrupting melanin synthesis. Melanin is the substance that gives the skin its color, so it follows that by preventing melanin from developing. It brings the skin back to its purest, fairest tone. Studies show that it is often said that one’s health is reflected in the condition of the skin, and that is notably true when it comes to this method of skin whitening. Glutathione benefits the skin by boosting overall health. Since it is an antioxidant, it neutralizes and eliminates the free radicals that damage the skin at the cellular level to cause aging and discoloration.

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  • 99.93% L-Ascorbic Acid 50g


    Ascorbic acid—also known as L-ascorbic acid—has the most skin-related research of any form of vitamin C.

    When properly formulated (this ingredient can be finicky), ascorbic acid helps create younger-looking, firmer-feeling skin while signs of uneven skin tone seem to disappear. L ascorbic acid also helps skin’s surface rebuff external stressors and mitigate the effects of exposure to the elements.

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  • Activated Charcoal 100g


    Activated Charcoal (from Indian Hardwood) is one of the finest natural adsorbent agents known. Each particle contains many small chambers and cavities that bind-up unwanted material or gas. Activated Charcoal is commonly used to adsorb digestive gas. It also protects the body from overdosing on harmful toxic substances. Due to its large surface area, activated charcoal has high adsorption properties, meaning that it keeps certain substances from being absorbed in the body’s gastro-intestinal tract.

    Benefits of Activated Charcoal on Skin

    • Make pores appear smaller – Activated charcoal, when used in a face mask, helps bind the oil and dirt in your pores and pulls them out. This clears your pores and makes them look smaller.
    • Takes care of oily skin – Activated charcoal when used in a mask or a face wash helps pull out the excess oil from your skin, leaving it clean and smooth. Make sure you do this not more than once or twice in a week, as you may over-dry your skin.
    • Treats acne – It is a very good ingredient that removes excess oils and toxins hidden in the pores of your skin and due to its slightly gritty texture, provides the gentle exfoliation that is needed for your skin.

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  • AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acid) 100g


      Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs are a group of naturally occurring chemical compounds. AHAs are derived from animal or plant products (such as fruits and milk). They are commonly used in anti-aging skin care products as these acids help in reducing signs of aging (such as wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines) and improve the skin texture and elasticity. Usually, AHAs (glycolic and lactic acids) are gentle on the skin and do not cause any irritation. These acids act as chemical exfoliants. They dissolve the intercellular bonds (the bonds between your skin cells) and facilitate the natural shedding process of your skin, helping you get rid of the dead skin cells easily, and revealing softer, smoother, and brighter skin.   Benefits Of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

    1. AHAs Are The Best Exfoliators For Your Skin

    The shedding and regeneration of cells is a continuous cycle. However, when you age, this process slows down. As a result, dead skin cells accumulate on your skin. This makes your skin dark and dull and also cause age spots. AHAs help your skin in its natural process of shedding dead skin cells.

    2. Make Your Skin Bright

    When your skin sheds the dead cells, it reveals a fresh layer of cells beneath. This new layer is brighter and radiant. Your skin automatically appears fresh, plump, and more elastic.

    3. AHAs Boost Collagen Expression

    Collagen is the fiber that keeps your skin looking young and smooth. As you age, the collagen production in your skin decreases. Also, photo damage caused by excessive sun exposure and environmental damage further affects collagen synthesis. AHAs help in collagen regeneration by eliminating the old collagen fibers.

    4. Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

    AHAs work on wrinkles and fine lines and reduce their appearance. A study involving 52 volunteers between the ages of 30 and 55 years were given topical products containing AHAs. They were studied for 21 days, and significant improvement in their skin texture was noted at the end of the study

    5. Help in Reducing Hyper pigmentation

    AHAs such as glycolic acid and lactic acid help in reducing hyper pigmentation, dark spots, and melasma. Both these acids are commonly used in chemical peels and other dermatological procedures for treating dark spots. Glycolic acid is usually used to treat freckles and hyper pigmentation because it can penetrate the skin easily. Lactic acid is used to treat melasma and has shown good results.

    6. Help Treat Acne

    AHAs also help treat mild to moderate levels of acne. Clogged skin pores cause acne, and AHAs can help remove the clogs. They also prevent any further clogging.

    1. Improve the Efficacy of Your Products

    AHAs can penetrate your skin and break the layer of dead skin cells. This layer of dead cells prevents topical skin creams from being absorbed within the deep layers of your skin. Once the layer is cleared, your skin’s absorption levels increase.

    1. Minimize Sun Damage

    Exposure to the sun can cause substantial damage to your skin – like dark spots, tanning, wrinkles, and hyper pigmentation. Using AHAs can minimize the effects of sun exposure on your skin

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  • Allantoin Powder 50g


    Allantoin as an active ingredient with a moisturizing and keratolytic effect; increases the water content of the extracellular matrix and enhances the removal of upper layers of dead skin cells, increases the smoothness of the skin; promotes cell proliferation and wound healing. It is an effective and a soothing anti-irritant. It’s skin protectant effect is achieved by forming complexes with irritant and sensitizing agents .

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  • ALPHA BISABOLOL (Oil Soluble)


    Alpha bisabolol, often shortened to bisabolol, is also known as levomenol, a naturally occurring compound that is the primary constituent of the essential oil from German chamomile.

    The Benefits of Bisabolol

    There is a number of benefits that bisabolol provides to the skin, in addition to being an exceptional transport module for other beneficial ingredients.

    • Bisabolol soothes inflammation
    Having proven anti-inflammatory properties, bisabolol declares war on acne, rashes, rosacea, psoriasis, and similar conditions associated with frequent skin

    irritations. It has also been shown that bisabolol calms the skin after exposure to UV rays, and tones down sunburns and redness. People with sensitive skin should not think twice about using bisabolol-enhanced products.

    • Bisabolol stimulates skin’s healing
    Chamomile is a well-known skin healer. As its more concentrated counterpart, Bisabolol can speed up the healing process even more, which makes it great for use if you have to deal with minor scars, spots from already healed blemishes, etc.

    • Bisabolol disinfects the skin
    The anti-microbial properties of this ingredient are effective against many germs, like staph, epidermis, corynebacteria, and Candida albicans.

    • Bisabolol moisturizes in depth
    Bisabolol is rich in panthenol and panthenol is an excellent natural humectant. What does this mean? This means that panthenol draws moisture from the air to your skin, and holds onto it, not letting your skin dry out. Since bisabolol penetrates deep into the skin, it rejuvenates the skin from within and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

    • Bisabolol provides a natural scent
    Since it has a subtle floral scent, similar to chamomile, it is often used in perfumes and other skincare products as a fragrance agent. What’s more important is that bisabolol is much safer than any artificial fragrances that manufacturers use to give a nice scent to products.

    • Bisabolol prevents collagen breakdown
    Bisabolol inhibits the enzymes in the skin that are responsible for collagen breakdown. At the same time, it stimulates collagen production. The main role of collagen is to keep the skin elastic and firm, which means that bisabolol helps your skin stay firm and younger.

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  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 50g


    Lipoic acid (LA), also known as ι-lipoic acid and alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and thioctic acid is an organosulphur compound derived from caprylic acid (octanoic acid). ALA is made in animals normally, and is essential for aerobic metabolism. It is also manufactured and is available as a dietary supplement in some countries where it is marketed as an antioxidant.

    Alpha lipoic acid has been directly linked to skin care as a primary antioxidant that prevents aging and inflammation. Contained in many brands of skin products, this powerful metabolic natural substance has many benefits for skin care, including energy production in skin cells; regeneration of vitamins C and E,  remodels collagen, and also protects of the skin from free radical inflammation, including sun exposure.

    Alphalipoic acid is both water– and fatsoluble, which allows it to work in every cell or tissue in the body.

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  • Azelaic Acid Powder 50g


    Azelaic acid powder is found in wheat, barley, and rye. It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and exfoliating properties, making it a great treatment product for acne and rosacea. Since azelaic acid inhibits melanin synthesis, it is also effective against hyperpigmentation  and melasma.

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  • Bamboo Extract Silica


    Bamboo extract is a sustainable and hydrating ingredient beneficial to any application. Bamboo is not only a rich source of natural silica, but it also contains isoflavones higher than that of vitamin C with cell proliferation stimulating capabilities. The silica from bamboo improves skin health by helping the body absorb essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Aside from the high concentration of silica, Bamboo contains a number of natural antioxidants that can protect the skin against harmful free radicals and UV-induced damage, which ultimately contributes to a more even and radiant complexion, helping to minimize wrinkles and naturally boost youthful radiance. Bamboo is also known to offer anti-irritant properties to soothe the skin and reduce redness.

    INCI Nomenclature: Silica
    Suggested Usage Rate: 1-10%
    Solubility: Insoluble in water
    Appearance: White Powder
    Moisture: 0.50% Maximum

    Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 50°-77°F (10°-25°C)

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  • Bamboo Leaf Extract

    Bamboo is naturally high in silica which helps to improve skin, hair + nails. Our ground bamboo leaf powder can be used in face + hair masks.
    Fresh bamboo shoots are a storehouse of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Niacin, Vitamin E and thiamine.
    Vitamin A is among the best vitamins for clear skin.  It supports those irritating skin breakouts and aids skin hydration. Additionally, Vitamin A reduces hair breakage and strengthens nails.
    Vitamin B6 helps prevent skin rashes. Even more, it supports collagen formation. One of the good vitamins for healthy hair, Vitamin B6 increases blood flow to hair follicles. Pull this off, and you could start to see hair growth. Regarding strong healthy nails, B6 aids the development of amino acids, one of the resources necessary for nails to grow.
    And Vitamin E protects your skin from the hard effects of UV. Also, it serves as an antioxidant, helping to reduce free radicals that cause hair breakage. Nails love Vitamin E because it helps to keep them moisturized, potentially keeping your nails from peeling, breaking, or turning yellow.
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  • Bentonite Clay 100g


     Bentonite Clay

    It’s actually composed of ash made from volcanoes. The largest known source of bentonite clay is found in Fort Benton, Wyoming, where numerous volcanoes are present. The name of the clay stems from the town where today much of the supply is still harvested.

    The other name that bentonite clay is typically given, Montmorillonite clay, stems from the region of France called Montmorillon, where the clay was first discovered. Today the clay is harvested mostly in the U.S., France and Italy. “Bentonite” is actually the trade name that the clay has been given, but people for the most part speak about Montmorillonite and Bentonite clay interchangeably and are referring to the same product.

    Bentonite clay stems back far in history as a traditional healing method for protecting the body from disease. It has been reported that several traditional cultures living in regions of the Andes, Central Africa and Australia have applied and consumed clays in numerous ways for centuries. Because the clay is readily available and required no modern processing, it has been a popular and cost-effective way of “detoxing” the body for quite some time.

    1. Oil Absorption

    Instead of stripping away natural oils in an unhealthy manner with unnatural, and harsh chemical solutions, try using this all-natural clay mixture with water in order to properly remove oil from your skin! Instead of basically killing the oils on your skin, bentonite clay works to absorb that oil. Bentonite clay absorbs only the excess oil on the skin, while leaving the desired moisture levels on your face.

    2. Exfoliation.

    Due to the slightly grainy nature of bentonite clay, this wonderful natural product can act as an exfoliator as well. It is not overly grainy and textured that it will leave your skin raw, and in pain. Our natural bentonite clay has a particle size: 80% smaller than 74 microns, 40% smaller than 44 microns to be exact.

    Bentonite clay is textured enough though, that it will shed off the unwanted layers of dead skin not only on your face, but other areas of your body that you believe need exfoliation. So, give it a shot and let us know at VeĂ­se how your experience is!

    3. Hair Cleanser

    Now remember, bentonite clay is not just useful for skin! But surprisingly, your hair can benefit from this as well! You may think putting clay in your hair sounds strange, which it is slightly. But, a combination of the bentonite clay powder with water can add some diversity to your hair routine. Bentonite clay can help absorb excess oil in your hair as well as product build-up, leaving it looking sleek and shiny.

    4. Deodorant

    Many mainstream deodorants are jam-packed with harmful chemicals that are no good for anyone and have known carcinogens in them! Since bentonite clay absorbs oils and moisture so well, it makes conventional sense that this could also function to fight off body odor as well. This absorption of moisture allows for you to apply a mixture of bentonite clay and water to any odorous areas, and the clay will absorb the odor-filled moisture.

    5. Remineralizes the skin

    Since bentonite clay is as natural as it gets (we literally get ours from a Mountain in Wyoming), you would not be surprised to hear it is jam-packed with all-natural minerals as well! Just some of the minerals in bentonite clay are: magnesium, potassium, and calcium. By applying a simple face mask of bentonite clay and water, you too can reap the benefits of all these minerals! Up to 64% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into the body, meaning applying these minerals to your skin can help to rejuvenate, nourish, and plump your skin in all new ways!

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  • Besan Gram Flour 100g


    Gram Flour

    Gram flour or besan is the flour that is got after grinding roasted or raw chickpeas. This flour is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids like linoleic and oleic acids, vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, folate, and beta-carotene. It is the perfect dietary ingredient for those who want to go on a low-carb, high-protein, no-gluten diet.

    Beauty benefits of Gram Flour for skin

    *Gets rid of pimples

    *Lightens dark arms and legs

    *Can be used as a body scrub

    *Removes facial hairs

    *It fades acne scars

    *It improves skin condition

    *It helps in getting rid of black heads

    *It has anti-aging properties

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  • Beta Carotene 50g


    Beta carotene powder, an antioxidant is used in natural cosmetic formulations because it repairs and tones the skin, reduces wrinkles and scars, improves circulation,and increases elasticity. It contains the following vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin: Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E, K, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

    Other benefits are
    -Protects the skin from sun damage
    -Improves the skin tone and anti-aging
    -Helps the skin in reducing sun sensitivity
    -Protects the skin against sun burn
    -increases the effectiveness of sunscreen & protects the skin
    -Gets rid of acne.

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  • Bragg’s Apple Cider 946ml


    Apple cider vinegar, a vinegar made from apples, sugar and yeast is used in salad dressings. It is made by crushing apples and squeezing out the liquid. Bacteria and yeast are added to the liquid to start the alcoholic fermentation process, and the sugars are turned into alcohol.

    Unrefined Apple Cider vinegar is also often used in skin remedies and beauty recipes. It can be used to help sun burns, skin rashes and mosquito bite.( Dilute 50:50 with water).
    It relieves sunburn and bugbite. Other skin benefits are:

    Kills foot or skin fungus
    It is a natural skin toner.


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  • Bromelain Powder 100g



    Bromelain is an enzyme extract derived from the stems of pineapples, although it exists in all parts of the fresh plant and fruit. The extract has a history of folk medicine use. Pineapple Powder is known to contain the fruit enzyme ‘bromelain’. It is an effective exfoliant that sloughs off dead cells on the surface of the skin while imparting benefits. It can also act as an astringent to use in facial toners. Pineapple Powder is also a wonderful source of natural color and adds a sharp, crisp citrus like scent that adds to its cleansing and invigorating properties.

    The maximum quantity of powdered fruit extract should not exceed 0.5% of the total product.



    • More even skin tone
    • Firms
    • Hydrates
    • Brightens with an luminous glow
    • Improves texture
    • Increases elasticity
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Reduces acne or breakouts
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  • Caprylic capric triglyceride


    Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride : -Provides emolliency and beneficial fatty acids that help skin resist moisture loss – Can also be used to thicken a formula or enhance the penetration of key ingredients -Known to improve to the spreadability of a product -Derived from coconut oil and glycerin -Clear, non-viscous liquid Description: Caprylic/capric triglyceride is derived from …

    Caprylic capric triglycerideRead More

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  • Citric acid Powder 100g


    Citric acid is a weak organic acid that is popular due to being a natural preservative and conservative. Fruits contain various acids that have been used in alternative health and beauty products for centuries. Topical acidic treatments can brighten skin, shrink pores, treat mild acne and correct dark spots and fine lines. These acids can be applied to skin in the form of masks, scrubs, toners or peels. Citric acid is one of the most astringent of these acids.

    Citric Acid’s Benefits for Skin

    When applied to skin, citric acid can slough off dead skin cells and speed new cell turnover. The latter promotes new skin growth that can help alleviate the appearance of age spots, acne scars, small wrinkles and areas of uneven tone and texture. Thus, in the skin care industry citric acid is used for its astringent and skin lightening properties. Citric acid is a common ingredient found in face packs and skin products. It is considered an antioxidant that can help the regeneration of skin tissue and slowing down the aging process.

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  • Cocoa Powder 100g


    The cocoa tree produces clusters of pod-shaped fruits that contain seeds, or beans, used to make cocoa. The seeds are fermented to develop their flavor and color, and then they’re dried, roasted and ground into a paste. The fat, or cocoa butter, is removed from the paste, leaving the dry unsweetened cocoa powder.

    Skin Benefits

    #1 Fights acne and pimples

    Cocoa is very good at reducing acne and pimples. It even soothes skin and reduces the redness that pimples bring.

    #2 Slows down ageing of skin

    Cocoa powder is loaded with antioxidants. These mini warriors fight off free radicals, and give your skin a youthful appearance.

    #3 Improves skin’s hydration

    Another benefit of cocoa powder is that it helps improve your skin’s hydration. You can enjoy the benefits when you apply cocoa powder on your skin.

    #4 Improves skin elasticity

    The antioxidants present in cocoa boost the elasticity of your skin, making it supple and youthful.

    #5 Improves complexion

    At the end of the day, cocoa is caffeine. Use cocoa powder for skin that needs a wake-me-up. Say good bye to dull complexion and look fabulous every day.

    #6 Exfoliates dead cells

    Cocoa powder gently sloughs off dead skin cells and brings fresh, youthful skin to the surface. It is ideal for sensitive or acne-affected skin.

    #7 Skin repair

    They can also repair skin that has got damaged by environmental pollutants. Use cocoa powder for face that looks like it needs a caffeine shot.

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  • Cranberry Extract (Powder) 50g


    Cranberry Powder

    Cranberry Powder is from Canada and made from the cranberries which have been dried into a powder. Cranberry Powder offers an astonishing array of phytonutrients and antioxidants and is packed with micro nutrients including quercetin and quinic acid. Among these phytonutrients are phenolic acids, anthocyanins, flavonoids and triterpenoids.

    Cranberries are also high in antioxidants and offer significant levels of proanthocyanidins, antioxidant components which may help eliminate free radicals and to avoid damage to cells in addition to supporting healthy functioning of the urinary tract and kidney functioning. Cranberry Powder may also help to maintain the health and vitality of the skin. As an excellent source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, manganese and vitamin K.

    Cranberries are high in antioxidants and loaded with polyphenols.  When applied topically directly onto the skin, antioxidants are able to combat free radicals that can age the skin prematurely and lead to fine lines, wrinkles and the breakdown of collagen.

    In addition to an impressive antioxidant punch, cranberries are also:

    • Rich in Vitamin A.  Their anti-inflammatory properties make cranberries suitable in treatments for acneic skin.  You may also be familiar with vitamin A as the source of my favorite anti-aging ingredient, retinoids.
    • High in Vitamin E  Also known as tocopherol, vitamin E is a multi-tasker, working as a potent antioxidant to fight free radicals, protect the skin from UV damage, and strengthen the skin’s barrier system by preventing water loss.
    • High in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).
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  • DMAE (dimethlaminoethanol) 50g


    DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) is a substance naturally produced in small amounts in the brain and also found in anchovies and sardines. DMAE supplements are promoted to boost brainpower, improve memory, and slow aging. 

       DMAE Powder is an especially effective skin care product for tightening and firming skin of the face, neck and body; as well reducing or eliminating fine lines around the eyes, and above and below the lips; and is also the main ingredient in lip plumping skincare products, plus remove bags and puffiness; while also adding brightness and radiance to your aging skin.

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  • EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) Disodium 50g


    EDTA, Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is a molecule which complexes metal ions in aqueous environments. It is available in four neutralizations, two of which, Disodium EDTA and Tetrasodium EDTA, are commonly used in the cosmetics.

    Generally, the choice of which product to use is determined by the pH of your product, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Disodium EDTA is commonly used in neutral to mildly acidic products, like most creams, lotions, and neutral pH liquid soaps and shampoos. EDTA works synergistically with your preservative to improve preservative efficacy.

    Disodium EDTA has limited solubility in water, but at a typical usage rate of 0.2% to improve preservative efficacy, even if not fully solubilized, it is still efficacious.

    Cosmetic manufacturers frequently use this ingredient for a variety purposes. It primarily works as a preservative, chelator and stabilizer, but has also been shown to enhance the foaming and cleaning capabilities of a cosmetic solution. As a metal chelator, it counteracts the adverse effects of hard water by binding with heavy metal ions contained in tap water, which in turn prevents the metals from being deposited onto the skin, hair and scalp.

    This makes it a particularly useful ingredient for rinse-off products that inherently require water to come into contact with the skin. Essentially, this ingredient deactivates the metal ions through bonding with them, which in turn prevents cosmetic products from deteriorating, maintains its clarity and prevents it from smelling rancid.

    You can find this ingredient in virtually every personal care product including facial moisturizer/lotion, sunscreen, anti-aging treatment, cleanser, shampoo/conditioner, hair dye, body wash and eye cream.

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    3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid is a new generation of Vitamin C derivative that provides superb whitening effects, also serves as a potent anti-aging active that boosts collagen synthesis and protects skin from DNA damage. It exhibits strong inhibition effect on melanogenesis, reduces dark spots and age spots, fights photoaging by interfering with inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-6, and reverse ROS production to achieve free radical scavenging purpose. 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid is effectively a newer form of Vitamin C that offers a better overall performance. It is water soluble with excellent heat and photostability profile. Best of all, it is highly stable and easy to formulate.


    ∙ Anti-Oxidation
    ∙ Anti-photoageing (Reduce IL-6)
    ∙ Inhibit Tyrosinase and Trp-2 Activities (whitening)
    ∙ Even Out Skin Tone
    ∙ Stimulate Collagen Synthesis
    ∙ Reduce Dark Spots (depigmenting)
    ∙ Protect DNA
    ∙ Scavenge Free Radicals


    INCI name: 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid



    Regulated maxi: 2%(Cosmetic)
    Regulated maxi: 2% KFDA No: 2001-15
    Regulated 1-2 %



    Appearance : white to off-white crystalline powder
    Melting point (°C ) : 111.0-116.0
    Water Content : ≤ 1.0%
    pH (3% water solution) : 4.0-5.5
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  • Ferulic Acid Powder 99% + (50g), 200g 19,0000


    Ferulic Acid, extracted from Rice Bran Oil, is one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants.  from rice bran oil,  Many plants contain Ferulic acid, which plays a key role in the plants self preservation mechanism, re-enforcing it’s cellular wall strength and protecting it from microbial damage as well as sun damage.

    Ferulic Acid, extracted from Rice Bran Oil, is one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants.  from rice bran oil,  Many plants contain Ferulic acid, which plays a key role in the plants self preservation mechanism, re-enforcing it’s cellular wall strength and protecting it from microbial damage as well as sun damage.

    Ferulic Acid has been demonstrated to be an anti-oxidant extender, for many of the other anti-oxidants.  In particular the combination of L-ascorbic powder, were shown to double their photo protective capacity on the skin.  It is well known that L-ascorbic powder is very problematic in skin care due to it’s highly oxidative state.  There are several factors that must be controlled for tropical use of L-ascorbic powder to be very effective.  One of those factors is stabilization once it’s exposed to air, or moisture, where L-ascorbic powder quickly oxidizes.  Ferulic Acid has been shown to do just that.
    Ferulic acid works together with L-ascorbic acid to stabilize the latter in cosmetic product.

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  • French Green Clay 100g


    French green clay is a substance that is used for external cosmetic treatments as well as some internal applications by practitioners of alternative medicine. It was used in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to treat a variety of skin problems and digestive disorders.

    From the standpoint of mineralogy, French green clay belongs to a subcategory of clay minerals known as illite clays, the other two major groups being kaolinite and smectite clays.

    Skin Benefits are:

    >Exfoliates your skin making it feel smooth and radiant.
    >For facial mask, mixed with rose water, honey or apple cider vinegar (ACV); suitable for oily skin.
    >Tightens the pore to retain moisture content.
    >Revive dead skin cell
    >Pulls out bacteria on acne prone skin/ facial skin.
    >Soothes burned skin; prevents scars from forming.


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  • Fuller Earth Powder 100g


    Fuller’s Earth, known as Multani Mitti in South-East Asia, is an all-natural and organic beauty ingredient. It has been a hot-favorite beauty secret of ladies throughout the world. It is being used as a facial mask since 1800 BC, when no man-made facial masks were discovered.

    However the benefits of fuller’s earth are not just restricted to revitalizing the skin, it goes far beyond that. It helps clean the hair scalp and brings back youth to your dull hair. It prevents split ends from forming on your hair.

    As far as the skin is concerned, it has the solution to all your skin blues. With respect to its skin beautifying properties Fuller’s Earth is known as Beauty Mud throughout the world.


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  • Gluconolactone 100g


    Gluconolactone or glucono-delta-lactone is a white, odorless, crystaline powder, gluconolactone or glucono-delta-lactone occurs in many animals and works to break down carbohyrdates in digestable simple sugars.


    Gluconolactone is composed of multiple water-attracting hydroxyl groups, which hydrate the skin, resulting in enhanced degrees of moisturization. According to a studies, Gluconolactone is a polyhydroxy acid (PHA) that is capable of chelating metals and may also function by scavenging free radicals, thereby protecting skin from some of the damaging effects of UV radiation.

    Method of Extraction: Dervied from gluconic acid that occurs naturally in fruits.


    Gluconolactone provided up to 50% protection against UV radiation and UV radiation-induced elastin promotor activation. Contrary to some scientific fears, it does not significantly increase sunburn cells in human skin.

    It also prevents moisture already inside the dermis from evaporating. It is also a deodorizing stabilizing agent, helping prevent water- and oil-based ingredients from separating.

    Gluconolactone, a polyhydroxy acid (PHA), offers all the benefits of AHAs but it is gentle to the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin. Gluconolactone is an acid, but slightly gentler on the skin than acids in its class, for example lactic or glycolic acid. Those with sensitive or very mature skin might prefer gluconolactone as it is milder and kinder.

    In skin care products, gluconolactone can serve either as an active ingredient (an ingredient that is included in a formula to provide benefits for the skin) or as an additive (an ingredient that is included to help improve the overall quality of the product). As an active ingredient, gluconolactone is often added to formulas because of its skin-conditioning properties.


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  • Glycolic acid Crystals 50g


    Glycolic acid is a naturally occurring substance, that when used in skincare products offers many benefits to the skin, from rejuvenating to moisturizing. In its raw state, glycolic acid is a powder made up of colorless crystals that have no scent.

    Glycolic acid is part of the group of active compounds known as AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids). Derived from cane sugar.

    It has the smallest molecule in a group so is able to penetrate skin deeply and easily, making it the most effective for treating fine lines, acne, blackheads, dullness, oiliness etc

    • Chemical peels use a high percentage of this acid and can be very effective if done safely and properly.

    Benefits Of Glycolic Acid Use

    • Provides a remarkably even exfoliation of the skin
    • Releases and dissolves dead skin cells – clearing up blocked pores and blackheads
    • A very effective acne treatment– particularly cystic acne which is caused by deep blockages of dead skin cells and sebum
    • Glycolic acid  helps to reduce fine lines and signs of premature aging by increasing cell turnover – meaning younger, healthier cells are now visible on the skin’s surface
    • Acne scars (and other scar lesions) respond well to consistent glycolic acid treatment
    • Further products and treatments can penetrate deeper as it removes the ‘barrier’ of dead cells and surface grime
    • It minimizes the appearance of pores by keeping them clear and helping the surrounding cells to strengthen and regain elasticity
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  • Goat Milk Powder 50g

     Goat milk powder is a creamy white powder manufactured from fresh goat milk from which only water and fat are removed. It contains no additives or preservatives.
    Skin Benefits of Goat Milk Powder
    -Goat Milk Powder can be used as a face mask which helps in curtailing acne
    -It contains AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) which rejuvenates skin cells
    -Contains butter fat which softens and moisturizes the skin.
    -It is an exfoliating and anti-aging agent.
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  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 100g


    Green coffee extract is an extract of unroasted, green coffee beans. Green coffee extract has been used as a weight-loss supplement and as an ingredient in other weight-loss products. Its efficacy and mechanism of action have been controversial.

    Health wise, it is discovered that pure green coffee bean extract supplements is a natural weight loss supplement which helps control hunger & reduce craving naturally & effectively. It helps boost your metabolism, thereby helping you burn fat & keep the pounds off your body.

    These pure green coffee bean extract contains a unique antioxidant called polyphenol chlorogenic acids or CGAs. This helps protect the body’s cells and organs from environmental damage so that you and your cells remain younger for longer.

    Benefits for skin

    #1. Anti-ageing

    Green coffee is amazing if you have wrinkle-prone skin. It feeds your internal organs to fight with the oxidative damage with its antioxidant properties. This gives you a younger looking skin which is wrinkle-free.

    #2. Fights free radicals

    Free radicals are the reason behind your skin damage. Green coffee is that one thing which can help you to fight the free radicals 10 times more efficiently than the green tea.

    #3. Natural moisturizer

    Green coffee has a high amount of good fats which keeps your skin cells moisturized. Green tea will help you to keep your skin smooth and fight against discolouration too.

    #4. Glowing skin

    Green coffee naturally detoxifies your body which gives you a natural glow.


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  • Guargum Powder 100g

    Guar gum Powder
    Guar gum Powder is an off-white powder which is used in the cosmetics industry as an ingredient. It gives the skin a smooth and soft appearance.
    It is used in the making of soaps to achieve better emulsions and as a whitening agent.
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  • Hyaluronic gel 100ml


    Hyaluronic gel is a delicate, easily absorbed gel that provides the skin with intensive hydration and gradual reduction in fine wrinkles. After the application the skin will be firmer, fresh and brightened. An oil -free natural humectant that bind moisture to the skin, maximizing the benefits of your daily moisturizer.

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  • Hyaluronic Powder 20g, 100g


    Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide (large sugar molecule) that occurs in various tissues (skin, synovial fluids of joints, connective tissues). Responsible for tissue hydration, lubrication, & tissue stability, holds 500 times its own weight of water. White powder, no odor.

    Hyaluronic Acid,  has many benefits and is one of the most interesting ingredients in skin care, specifically. Naturally found in the body, hyaluronic acid secures moisture and creates fullness—youthful skin naturally abounds with hyaluronic acid.

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  • Lactibionic Acid


    Neneeys Optimal Skincare: With high levels of antioxidant benefits lactibionic acid has the ability to keep the skin’s natural protective barrier to remain fully functioning and able to tackle any free radicals. But that isn’t the only skin benefit this clever PHA can provide. It is an acid and can buff away any build-up of dead skin cells, debris and other impurities that can often lead the skin to become lackluster. By gently exfoliating lactobionic acid is able to restore balance in the skin and giving an all-over marked improvement on the complexion and radiance. You will also find that due to LA having a larger molecule size it, therefore, cannot penetrate through the skin too far creating any skin irritation.

    Skincare benefits of lactibionic acid

    • Lactobionic acid is a member of the PHA family and is one of the most-gentle acids formulated into skin care products

    • Lactobionic acid can be used on all skin types but benefit dry and sensitive skins the most

    • Lactobionic acid contains antioxidant properties and can protect the skin from any free radical damage

    • Lactobionic acid can aid the skin in remaining moisturized

    • Lactobionic acid can gently slough away a build-up of dead skin cells that can make the skin dull and lackluster

    • Lactobionic acid will improve the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation making them less noticeable

    • Lactobionic acid provides anti-aging benefits reducing fine line and wrinkles

    Lactobionic acid is stable in acid and alkali pH, 60 and 80 °C, and UV light.

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  • Lactic Acid Liquid 100ml


    Lactic acid

    Lactic acid is an organic compound with the formula CH3CH(OH)COOH. In its solid state, it is white and water-soluble. In its liquid state, it is colorless. It is produced both naturally and synthetically.

    Lactic acid is one of the most popular alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) in skin care today, marketed as a powerful ingredient that helps reduce acne breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

    It is discovered  that when applied to the skin, lactic acids stimulate the exfoliation of surface skin cells by interfering with the bonding between these cells.

    This causes the sloughing off of dull, rough skin and promotes cellular renewal by increasing cell turnover rates in the upper layers of your skin (epidermis), so you have younger, plumper skin cells within the skin.

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  • Maca Root Powder 100g


    The maca plant has exploded in popularity in recent years. It’s actually a plant native to Peru, and is commonly available in powder form or as a supplement.

    Scientifically, maca powder helps keep skin looking plump and glowy. It has a lot of vitamin C, and that increases your collagen and fights free radicals that can cause everything from skin damage to inflammation.

    It’s also got vitamins D and E, which regulate collagen production as well.

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  • Mica Powder


    Mica is a naturally occurring group of silicate minerals. In cosmetics and personal care products, Mica, from muscovite mica is used in the formulation of a wide variety of product types, including makeup, nail products and skin care products.
    Colours available are golden brown, oriental red, pearl silver, apple green , mosaic gold, aztec gold, and many more…

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  • Monobenzone Powder


    What is monobenzone?
    Monobenzone is a depigmenting agent. It works by increasing the elimination of melanin (pigment molecules) from skin cells.

    Monobenzone topical (for the skin) is used to permanently lighten skin in people with vitiligo. Depigmenting darker skin around the areas of vitiligo helps even out the coloring and appearance of the skin.

    Does Monobenzone lighten skin?
    Monobenzone is a depigmenting agent. It works by increasing the elimination of melanin (pigment molecules) from skin cells. Monobenzone topical (for the skin) is used to permanently lighten skin in people with vitiligo.
    How quickly does Monobenzone work?
    Monobenzone has been shown to start irreversibly depigmenting skin in 1-4 months, and full effects are usually seen after 5-12 months
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  • MSM-Methylsulfonylmethane 100g


    MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) is a PURE organic sulfur, also known as DMSO2 (Dimethylsulfone), which is found in all plants and tissues.  Considered to be nature’s beauty mineral due to it’s ability to enhance collagen bundles and restore the foundation for healthy skin.  MSM  is necessary to both collagen and keratin, where it can help to keep the skin smooth and youthful, and the hair glossy and lustrous.  In nutrition circles MSM is well known as a building block for collagen and connective tissues, making it an excellent approach to anti-aging skin care.

    MSM has been reported to help reduce hyperpigmentation issues such as melasma, pink or faded-red acne scars, age spots, freckles and sun damage both as an internal supplement and external application although most people consistently reported greater success when using it topically for this purpose. It has a brightening and luminizing effect on the skin overall when applied topically, and over time may also help reduce uneven skin tone and help correct areas of darker pigmentation as well.

    MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) is an extremely versatile, ingredient which can be utilized in any of your skin care products that are geared toward anti aging and firming treatments, as well as in you massage / body lotions and creams geared toward pain relieving treatments.

    A little known benefit to this wonderful skin care additive is its absorption enhancing ability.  MSM is effective for treating acne scars & red hyper pigmentation. MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) is an excellent way to enhance the absorption of more costly actives making them more available to the tissues, which is beneficial in anti-aging skin care.  It is said that because MSM makes the cells more permeable, it thus enhances the absorption of nutrients

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  • NAG (N-Acetyl Glucosamine) 50g



    N-acetyl glucosamine is considered to be a “skin identical ingredient”, meaning it’s found in our skin in the spaces between the cells, and it is used to maintain skin’s barrier abilities and reduce dryness. Studies have shown that NAG can increase collagen production, increase moisture content of the skin, increase elasticity of the skin, increase exfoliation, and increase the speed of wound healing.

    It is a known precursor to hyaluronic acid, a major component of skin structure. Hyaluronic acid is essential for hydration and n-acetyl glucosamine has been shown to increase moisture.

    NAG has been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation and can be combined with niacinamide to further increase its ability to reduce hyperpigmentation. One study showed that a formulation of 2% niacinamide and 4% NAG significantly reduced the appearance and amount of hyperpigmentation of age spots and uneven skin pigmentation. Another eight week, double blind study showed a reduction in facial hyper pigmentation using NAG alone. NAG inhibits the glycolysation of pro-tyrosinase, which results in the reduction of melanin in the skin.

    N-Acetyl Glucosamine is an amino sugar that has skin exfoliating properties similar to alpha and beta hydroxyl acids without the irritation.  NAG can normalize the exfoliation of the stratum corneum, so it can be a good replacement for acid based exfoliation ingredients that might annoy sensitive or rosacea prone skin.

    High concentrations of NAG – as high as 10% – have not shown noticeable irritation of the skin. It is soluble at up to 25%, although only solutions below 10% will remain clear and colourless.

    Key attributes:

    • Increases hyaluronic acid production in the skin
    • Repairs and treat sun damage
    • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
    • Accelerates wound healing
    • Reduces trans-epidermal water loss
    • Improves skin tone
    • Improves barrier function
    • Reduces hyperpigmentation
    • Improves skin hydration


    • Anti-aging products
    • Exfoliating products
    • Brightening products


    • Water based toners
    • Creams and Lotions
    • Silicone serum

    Formulation Specifications

    • pH: 3.5-5
    • Assay: 99.5%
    • Usage rate: 1-7%
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  • Naicinamide Powder 100g


    There are many benefits of vitamin B3 that has been discovered through the years. Studies have proven in the recent years that vitamin B3 is a powerful ingredient that yields many skin care benefits. It has been proven effective both in oral use as supplement and in topical use. It has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to keep the skin pores open and protects the skin from UV damage caused by the sun.

    Commonly known as Vitamin B3, Niacinamide at 2% has been shown to reduce water loss in the skin and retain fatty acid levels (younger, plumper, firmer skin). It has also been proven at high concentrations (between 3-4%) to be a very effective acne reducer.

    Vitamin B3 is also an excellent skin lightening agent that works by disrupting the transfer of melanosome from the melanocyte to the keratinocyte.

    In general, most individuals saw results after 12 weeks of daily usage (and saw a reduction of 35-68% of pigmentation). Like with most other skin lightening compounds, vitamin B3 has an inhibitory effect and in order to get the most out of it, you must be wearing sunscreen everyday and exfoliate often to ensure a complete melanin inhibiting process.

    * Naicinamide powder have soothing activity for blemished skin.
    *Improves appearance of aged, hyper pigmented and photo damaged skin.
    *Reduces the appearance of fine lines.
    *Prevents the skin from loosing water content.
    *Reduces UV-Induced skin cancers.
    *Halts acne break out.

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  • Oligopeptide(Marine fish collagen)

    Benefits of Oligopeptides for skin:
    Studies have shown that oligopeptides in skincare do indeed cause an increase in proteins like collagen and help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkling and help to improve volume and plumpness and brightening of the skin.
    Increase hydration: “As collagen decreases, you are more likely to see loss of firmness, dullness, fine lines, discoloration and overall dryness,” More collagen from peptides = plumper, toned and well hydrated skin.
    Fight inflammation: As antioxidants in peptides help to calm and soothe skin, inflammation is reduced, unique for sensitive  skin.
    Protect against free radicals: Since oligopeptides help to build up skin cells, they are essentially strengthening the skin barrier and increasing protection against UV damage and other environmental intruders.
    How to use oligopeptides:
    Peptides work well in serums, masks, creams or anything that stays on the skin for a period of time so it has a higher chance of entering the skin barrier. In addition, sometimes serums with peptides are applied to the skin after procedures like laser or microneedling to help increase penetration.
    PH: 4.5 – 7.5
    Usage: 0.5 – 2%
    85% peptide
    Solubility: Water soluble
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  • Papain Powder 100g

    Papain is an enzyme present in papaya, the fruit of a large tree-like plant of the same name. The Papaya tree was originally native to Mexico, Central America, and northern South America, the papaya is now cultivated in most tropical countries.
    Papain is very effective in skin renewal and skin lightening. It also functions as an exfoliator, skin softener and moisturizer and helps fight acne. What’s more, the enzyme helps the body combat free radicals, thus preventing premature ageing.


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  • Pearl Powder 50g


    Pearl powder is made from fresh water pearls or saltwater pearls below jewelry grade. These are sterilized in boiling water and then milled into a fine powder using stainless steel grinding discs or by milling with small porcelain balls in moist conditions. The powder is sold as such or mixed into creams.

    Benefits of using pearl powder on skin
    Containing calcium, protein and vitamins and a very high source of amino acid, pearl powder is perfect for all skin types and helps with easing skin inflammation and promotes healing, enhances elasticity and luminosity.

    Additionally, it aids in absorbing oil and skin impurities, filters out UV rays and helps to prevent hyper pigmentation by slowing down the melanin production in the skin. Its antimicrobial properties are also known to remove blotches, acne, acne scarring, dry patches and rosacea as well as address sun damage.

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  • Phloretin Powder


    Phloretin is a polyphenol present in the peel and root bark of succulent fruits such as apples and pears, and in various vegetable juices.
    It is a potent antioxidant and skin lightener comparable to ionic acid and arbutin. A clinical study found that the inhibition rate of 0.3% Phloretin on tyrosinase is as high as 98.2%, superior to the common lighteners agents (kojic acid and arbutin). Phloretin, when used as a co-lightening agent also greatly improves the inhibition rate of tyrosine inhibitors. It neutralizes damaging free radicals, helps improve cell turnover, and improves the appearance of discoloration, and promotes a brighter and even skin tone., with increased environmental protection. In Skin lightening preparations, use other lighteners for improved performance.

    Phloretin is also useful in the treatment of acne, with soothing and moisturizing benefits. Phloretin has an enviable safety and efficacy profile balance and is completely natural.

    • Inhibit tyrosinase activity
    • Potent Antioxidant action
    • Enhance skin permeability
    • Potent Skin Lightener
    • Moisturizing Agents
    • Soothing Agents
    • Anti-Acne

    APPLICATIONS: Rejuvenation, skin lightening, anti-aging, dark spot removal, brightening, and anti-acne formulations. In creams, serums, lotions, gels, hand creams, etc

    INCI: Phloretin
    APPEARANCE & FORM: Off-white – slightly yellow free-flowing powder.
    SOLUBILITY: Water Insoluble. Soluble in glycols (Propylene glycol, Butylene glycol, etc and alcohols.
    USE RATE: 0.3-2%
    SHELF LIFE: 24 months
    ASSAY: 98%
    STORAGE: Keep in a cool, dark, and dry place.


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  • Propylene Glycol 100ml


    Propylene glycol is a versatile moisturizer used in cosmetic and beauty industry as a skin conditioning agent.

    • As a solvent, which helps one ingredient dissolve into another, producing a solution
    • As a stabilizer, helping to keep products constant at various temperatures
    • As an emulsifier, which helps mix together a variety of ingredients
    • As a humectant, helping formulations to attract and hold onto moisture
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  • Raspberry Extract( Powder) 50g


    Raspberry Powder is made with organically and sustainable grown raspberries. Each berry is ripened to perfection, then carefully hand gathered and naturally processed into powder to help lock in the nutritional health benefits. Vitamin C and Manganese, antioxidants found in raspberries, help protect the body tissue from oxygen-related damage.

    Benefits on Skin

    Rasberry Powder are packed with antioxidants work great for your skin. They, first of all, prevent the damaging effects of the sun. Which also means they prevent redness if your skin is sensitive. The presence of vitamin C in raspberries makes them an ideal food to prevent skin cancer.

    According to a Serbian study, the raspberry ketones in the fruit were found to have potential use in the cosmetic industry. This is because of tiliroside, a compound in raspberry found to inhibit melanin production at the intracellular levels. Hence, tiliroside could be a potential skin whitening agent for use in cosmetic products. In fact, certain sunscreens containing raspberry extract  as one of the ingredients showed to enhance skin health by offering better antioxidant and UV-protective activities.

    The ellagitannins in raspberries offer protection against premature aging, given their antioxidant effects.

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  • Resvetrol Powder 25g


    Resveratrol is a natural polyphenol and powerful antioxidant. Produced biotechnologically exactly matching the natural form of resveratrol. In nature resveratrol is found naturally in small amounts in wine, peanuts, mulberry and knotweed. It has been found to have antioxidant and skin-whitening effects. >99% pure. Only limited soluble in water (3 mg/100mL) and ethanol (50 mg/mL).

    For youthful skin to thrive it needs collagen and elastin, which free radicals can affect the production of. Resveratrol is a particularly potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radical damage and allows the collagen to keep on pumping. It has become a world-famous anti-ageing ingredient.  It banishes wrinkles and enhances firmness of the skin.

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  • Salicylic Acid 50g


    Discovery revealed that salicylic acid is a keratolytic (peeling agent). Salicylic acid causes shedding of the outer layer of skin.

    Salicylic acid topical (for the skin) is used in the treatment of acne, dandruff, seborrhea, or psoriasis, and to remove corns, calluses, and warts. Other skin benefits are:

    -Exfoliates the skin.
    -Fights Acne.
    -Fades Acne Scars & Blemishes.
    -Open Clogged Pores.
    -Reduces Oily Skin.
    -Shrink Large Pores.
    -Slows down aging.
    -Reduces Skin Inflammation.
    -Loosens Blackheads.

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  • SAP (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) 50g


    Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is the stabilized (phosphorylated) sodium salt of L-ascorbic acid that does not degrade in formulas containing water. Esterification of ascorbic acid protect vitamin C from destruction by oxidation. Light-stable and oxygen-stable. Vitamin C is a well-known skin-whitening agent and to correct hyperpigmentation and age spots. Can improve appearance of aged and fragile skin. However, the use of other forms of Vitamin C (like Ascorbic acid, Sodium Ascorbate and L’ Ascorbic) is limited due to quike oxidation where the colour is changed and it’s potency lost. This is where SAP (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) can overcome this shortcoming. With SAP, the stability of vitamin C product is highly improved. Once SAP is absorbed by skin, it quickly decomposes into Vitamin C, and exerts the physiological action of Vitamin C. It’s nontoxic, non-irritant, safe and reliable.

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