Cocoa Powder 100g

Cocoa Powder 100g


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The cocoa tree produces clusters of pod-shaped fruits that contain seeds, or beans, used to make cocoa. The seeds are fermented to develop their flavor and color, and then they’re dried, roasted and ground into a paste. The fat, or cocoa butter, is removed from the paste, leaving the dry unsweetened cocoa powder.

Skin Benefits

#1 Fights acne and pimples

Cocoa is very good at reducing acne and pimples. It even soothes skin and reduces the redness that pimples bring.

#2 Slows down ageing of skin

Cocoa powder is loaded with antioxidants. These mini warriors fight off free radicals, and give your skin a youthful appearance.

#3 Improves skin’s hydration

Another benefit of cocoa powder is that it helps improve your skin’s hydration. You can enjoy the benefits when you apply cocoa powder on your skin.

#4 Improves skin elasticity

The antioxidants present in cocoa boost the elasticity of your skin, making it supple and youthful.

#5 Improves complexion

At the end of the day, cocoa is caffeine. Use cocoa powder for skin that needs a wake-me-up. Say good bye to dull complexion and look fabulous every day.

#6 Exfoliates dead cells

Cocoa powder gently sloughs off dead skin cells and brings fresh, youthful skin to the surface. It is ideal for sensitive or acne-affected skin.

#7 Skin repair

They can also repair skin that has got damaged by environmental pollutants. Use cocoa powder for face that looks like it needs a caffeine shot.

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